Your St Louis Blues!

St. Louis Blues Game

Image by ChrisYunker via Flickr

Blues hockey team is my favorite hockey team. I have been a fan of the St Louis Blues ever since I have gone to my first game. Hockey has been my favorite sport my entire life, I was grown up in a country where it is our national sport. I am not going to lie I have never been so into hockey until now. This team has not only been on top of their game but they have gotten a new coach and been working their butts off to be where they are today.

Divisions Standings for the Western Conference will show you how well the team has been doing.  St Louis Blues take the second place in our conference at this moment. I cannot tell you how excited I am for my home team to be doing so well.

Over the past few years I believe that the team has had some struggles but who does not.  St Louis Blues have a great opportunity right in front of them this year and I believe that they are going to do everything in their power to go into playoffs this year!

Let me tell you St Louis Blues are defiantly not the Rams, I’m hoping it will be more like the St Louis Cardinals and we will win our first Stanley Cup!


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