Starbucks Coffee!

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Did you know that Starbuckshas a secret sized drink? I have been a fan of Starbucks coffee for quite a while now. Never have I known of their secret sized drink. Maybe the reason why they don’t put it on their menu is because it supposedly supposed to be a kids size.  My coffee addiction has started about four months ago.

The reason for this addiction on the first place was because I had a long night of studying ahead of me and I wanted to try something new aside from energy drinks to keep me awake. I really just needed some energy to keep going so I decided to go to Starbucks and try out some coffee. Ever since my long nights of studying I have been drinking coffee pretty regularly.

Now that I know of Starbucks little secret I will be getting a different size drink, after all Starbucks is supper expensive. As for me I am a poor college student and I cannot afford Starbucks every day. I’m pretty sure on average I spend about $30 a week on coffee there. It might not sound much but if you add it up it gets to be really expensive, it’s just so convenient to get Starbucks because it’s quick and close by.


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