Buried Life Boys!

The Buried Life and President ObamaIt all started in 2006 after 4 friends graduated from high school. They had no intentions of making a show or becoming famous they just wanted to take some time off in the summer to accomplish some things off their list that they have made. After they go to talking and deciding to accomplish this list of things a question came along: “what would you do before you die?”

Four years later these guys are still together and have had two seasons of the show called the Buried Life. Last year I had the great opportunity to meet these guys! Jonnie, Duncan, Ben and Dave came to SIUe to talk about their life and how they became who they are today.

I wasn’t able to make it to the actual presentation they gave but I was able to meet them that night before they left. It was the most inspiring moment of my life; I can’t explain the feeling that I had when I was asked the question: what do you want to do before you die? I was able to tell them what my life dream/goal was. When I was able to talk to them and see how great these guys really are made me want to do something like this of my own. Not staring a show or anything like that but helping others and caring about other people’s dreams! So I really encourage for you guys to take time and watch an episode or two if you have not seen it yet, it will change your life!


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