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Get up at 9:30 am getting ready for work. Even though this is just a part-time job, it is really important to be at work on time. This part-time job will teach me responsibility and a way to prepare myself for the future when I get my big girl job.

My main job has a good motto that we like to go by. It goes like this: if your early your on time, if your on time your late, if your late your fired. At first when I heard that saying it kind of scared me a little because in my head I was thinking what if I’m going to be late a time or two. What I think the real intention of it was to prepare me for the future.

Recently I ran across an article on yahoo that was talking about “9 bad work habits and how to break them”. It was a really interesting article to me because I always wanted to know what not to do when I was going to get my big girl job. Also I automatically thought about being late at my job now and if it was a big deal or not for my future career. I knew from my current job being late is never a good way to show your work ethic.

So I am going to give you guys the list of the 9 bad work habits: you constantly check your email or post updated on Facebook or Twitter, you write and send-work emails too hastily, you’re set in your ways, you’re too involved in office politics, you start each day with the wrong plan of attack or none at all, you’re always running late (not good…) you can’t manage your personal and professional lives, you don’t take lunch breaks, you have a negative attitude.

Just try not to do any of these and you should be good to go, also if you have time to check out the article it will tell you ways you can fix these bad habits, good luck!


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