English: Sephora Store at Toronto Eaton Centre...

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About three years ago I had some problems with my skin. I was breaking out and had the hardest time finding the right makeup to use for my skin. Well one of my friends gave me a gift card for this store called Sephora. I have never been there and wasn’t sure what that store carried.

So I decided to go to the mall and found the store and found out that it was a makeup store. This is when I decided it was time to try something new. bareMineral makeup is what I was going to try. I was told that this is the best makeup you could use for your skin because their formula stand for both makeup and skin care. I was honestly amazed.

Since then I have been using bareMinerals makeup. It was really changed my life. I have never had any problems with it and it has done wonders. So if you ever have a change to try new makeup I would try bareMinerals. It may not be the cheapest makeup but it’s worth the money. And one more thing that’s great about this bareMineral makeup is that you can’t even tell that you’re wearing anything because it looks so natural.


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