Summer time…

Summer into autumn

Summer into autumn (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Summer time is just around the corner. Can you believe this year has flown by already? I defiantly didn’t expect this year to go by so fast. Since the school year is coming to an end that also means that a lot of deadlines for classes are coming up as well.

This is probably the worst time for a college student and not only is it the worst it’s also the most stressful. With part-time jobs, your family, friends and school it’s a lot to handle (trust me I’m right there with ya all).

After this semester will come to an end everyone get excited and ready for summer to start. As for me I am and am not looking forward to this summer. It will defiantly be nice to have time off school and enjoy the weather and all the fun activities during summer but it will be hard seeing my boyfriend leave back home.

Hopefully this summer will be something to remember and worth looking back on. Even though this summer has crept up fast on everyone it will defiantly go by just as fast. I just hope all of you will have a great rest of the semester and a great summer ahead!


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