Chapter 1-CAT

Chapter 1

After reading chapter 1 one of the biggest things that kept coming up over and over again was how important writing is in PR world, buts it’s not just regular writing that is expected from them it has to be catchy so it grabs the audience or the target audiences attention. You want to stand out. You also want to be able to reach out a lot of audience not just a few. This is why PR is different from marketing or advertising. Aside from PR writers being catchy with what they write it also needs to be broad and strategically. It talks about making a positive image for the industries as a whole. You want to build relationships with your organizations publics thats really important. Organization needs positive relationships with its relevant publics you would want to do this with any organization you work with so you have a good image. Another very good point that was made in the chapter is our relationship with publics. It should be two-way rather than one-way. One of the sections in the books talks about 7 different  theories, all of the theories talk about how people might respond to certain messages in a different way.

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