CAT ch 9

Throughout chapter 8 we have learned the importance of having good planning and planning for the right thing. Well

Time Management

Time Management (Photo credit: Intersection Consulting)

with in planning you must have good time management so you get all your tasks complete. I know that when I start my career I will need to have a plan and time management to get my deadlines met. Part of chapter 9 information was on deadlines.

When you think of deadlines you think of deadlines that need to be met for your tasks. But if you think about it, this is not the way public relations world runs. There are deadlines with in deadlines. Just because I have a deadline I need to meet I might be forgetting about other important deadlines. If I want to have something published for my company I may have already missed the deadline for the media. Media have their own deadlines which should become mine as well, if I want something published.

Honestly from the begging of my career to the end I will most likely deal with the media more than once. To make things easier for everyone I will have to have a good relationship with them. Being on good terms with the media might be the closest I will get to control my message.

Other useful information in this chapter was talking about news writing for the press. I have no idea how many things you should look into when you’re writing for the press.  The first one is content which is basically what is considered news to the press. Second is structure you have to make sure the writing part is done right by having an attention-getting, having the right lead. Style is another one. When you write for the press make sure you write it is media style so it will most likely be published and this way media will see that you know what you’re doing. Last but not least is your formatting. Does it look good? Things like contact information, spacing, page number and such.

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New Myspace


This is icon for social networking website. Th...

This is icon for social networking website. This is part of Open Icon Library’s webpage icon package. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We all know how important social networking is to us right? People are constantly on Facebook or Twitter or any other social networking site. Social networking helps us to stay tuned and connected with the world without us doing any work.


All of us remember Myspace and what Facebook did to it and possible what Twitter did to Facebook. Could Myspace make a comeback and take over?


“Can a Flashy New Redesign Make Myspace Cool Again” was the article that I stumbled upon and caught my attention. In the article it said that Justin Timberlake bought Myspace and had it redesigned. It might not be possible for Myspace to get a big hit but it worth a shot.


I would definitely recommend possible getting Myspace back, what could it hurt right. If you have any interest what so ever I would suggest you to watch a video on the new Myspacelook. I’ve seen it and I’m pretty impressed. It was said that the new Myspace has a little bit of Tumbler and Pinterest merge to it. I happen to be a huge Pinterest fan. So if you are a fan of either one of those maybe you would like the new Myspace. I know that it would never hurt professionals to have another form of social networking.



Myspace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


CAT ch 8

Couple things to take away from chapter 8 were the basic things I will need to know as a professional going into my career and the basics of a business media.

As a professional I will need to be good at what I do that means I will have to be on top of my game. It will start out with having a good plan and control over things. I have never realized how much planning a person really needs to do what needs to be done. I will have to plan right starting with my audience. Knowing the purpose and selecting the audience right will be the begging to success.

I know that I won’t be able to be reaching the variety of audience that I would like. I have learned that I would have to think really hard at what public I should aim at. Perhaps which one would be the most valuable to the organization.

Aside from my planning, an interesting thing I learned about media control is that there are two kinds of it. The first one is controlled media where the professional can control the importance of their message. The second one is uncontrolled media. This is self explanatory you have no control as soon as media gets a hold of it you lose the control.

Another thing I learned is that when I get my first job as an entry-level public relations writer I will have to learn the appropriate writing style that is required by my organization. That means that I will have to less exciting things. I have heard it over and over from other people that when you get your job that’s what you will have to go through but it just never clicked. So maybe before I get my first job I will have to do a little bit research and maybe just maybe I won’t have to do the less exciting material.

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Ignoring Complains…

In class we always mention how important it is to build relationships with your clients and audience. You don’t ever want to break that connection or bond by a silly mistake of possibly ignoring them.
When a customer makes a complaint, what would you do? Do you ignore them or respond to whatever complaint they have made? Responding to the situation by making the customer feel satisfied and not ignored would be the best option and make the most sense. You will not believe the statistic that I found in this article talking about ignoring social media complaints.
Four out of five complaints made by customers are being ignored. What? Is this really happening? Believe it or not, the fact that at least 80% of complaints made by customers are being disregarded as unimportant to address! How could such businesses that rely on these customers for financial income ignore this important part of their functioning?

Complaining about offline service, online

Complaining about offline service, online (Photo credit: davefleet)

I know that it’s not the best feeling to hear customers complain over social media about your service or product, but us, as professionals, need to address these issues in a professional manner, rather than personal. Not everyone is perfect. In order to be successful in whichever career you choose, you must take responsibility in resolving the issue. No response to complaints, especially where it’s visible, is the worst way to build your relationships or connections. This article has some great statistics that you should check out and just think about it. Next time you see complaint; think twice of what this issues means and how you should take care of the customer in a professional manner.

CAT-ch 5

In chapter 5 I learned about research influences on Public Relations. The first example that was given in the book describes research perfectly to my understanding. It was talking about when we search for a college what we go through before actually deciding. We go there to visit, eat their food, sit in on a lecture, determine the distance of the school from home, and what majors or other educational benefits they may offer. Once this research is combined, it is relatively simple to determine the right school to attend that will fill your needs.

This applies when you have your career because if I want to be the best professionals I can be I also have to be the best at researching about anything that’s required of me.  I think that the tips for database and web site searches can be very helpful and a useful asset to us. It will save me a lot of time in the future.

Talking about he world-wide web as much of a helpful tool it is for everyone a good point was made that we should be careful and defiantly over look on the information that’s given. A good example of this would be Wikipedia. That web site is great when I’m trying to understand something but I never think that people can go in and edit that information so there for it’s no longer credible. Our book gives some great ways you can evaluate web sites, I think it would definitely help out a lot.

One of the most important searches you will perform will most likely be about your organization. I think it’s really true; at least it seems like it to me. For example, if you want to be successful toward your career, you will need to understand the functioning or operation of the organization as this will allow you to adapt and be a key employee for its success.

Not only will the research of how the company you are working for operates be essential, but also another important topic to research is about our publics or audience.  With out knowing anything about my audience, one cannot be successful. It’s that simple. The key way to stay connected is by finding out what’s around you, that’s why they have created al of these database searches so we can be successful.

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A new way to present your powerpoint

What would you think if you were the one that was sitting in a class, work, or a meeting for an hour listening and looking at power points, and all you see is bullet points combined with a whole lot of text?

I know that I am not the only one that would agree to say that it is the most unappealing and boring way to try to get through to someone. First of all, you just get lost in all the text and it gets hard to follow. Second of all, you just stop paying attention all together.

 For the longest time we have been taught how to make a great power point by putting few words on the slides so they aren’t so crowded. Look where we are now! No one wants to listen or look at those kinds of power points.

This article that I came about talks about how power point was before, and the new way it is being used now. We knew before that putting pictures on your power point was appealing to the eye and to your audience. As for me, I did know that having mostly pictures and not as much text was the new way to interact throughout the power point to your audience.  This article is definitely worth a read. It’s called “Jeff Bezos And The End of PowerPoint As We Know It.” It is worth to take a few minutes and read over the article. It gave a interesting look at a new way making your power point.

CAT-Chapter 3&4

In chapter 3 I have learned almost everything you need to know about Ethical Influences on Public Relations. At the begging of the chapter it was talking about theories of ethical action and that got me thinking. When I’m going to be working any decisions that will have to be made will engage ethical decisions.

Also a good point was brought up about trust and how important it is to have it, because everything is built off trust. Think about it, when you work for a company you have relationships with your co-worker and that’s built off trust.

In the following chapter it is talking about culture and the important role that it plays in Public Relations. If you think about it, culture really does play a big role. There are so many different cultures that just live in the US alone.

If I want to become a successful and an effective professional I will have to be able to write to many different public and understand their cultures.

We as professionals need to be able to adapt and deal with the rapid change in diverse publics and their cultures. I feel that when those professionals are able to do this will have an advantage and will connect with their audience better

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Chapter 10-CAT

Newsletter 4/29

Newsletter 4/29 (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

This chapter taught me all about feature and newsletter writing. To start off I learned that when you write a feature story the topics that you can write on could be personal stories, backgrounders, product in use to research results. Feature stories aren’t he once that will get the front page on a newspaper because feature stories are considered to be soft stories they aren’t considered as the most out there news as you would say.

Since it’s not your front page news but yet still very important news, you can take time and put lots of detail in your writing to have a great future story. The way I understood it, feature writing is the news what will get read. Because of the topics that they are on and how important they are to our audience.

In this chapter it talks about the difference in writing styles between feature and newsletter writing. When you write a feature story I figured that it would be a more wide range of what you write you just got to make sure you grab the audience attention and their interest. Newsletter writing is a little bit different, it’s more structured. It talked about the five w’s and the how. Even though this is how newsletters are written most of the time you can also write to the purpose of your publication. It can be different.

The most favorite thing about newsletter writing to me was that it’s adaptable to multiple audiences and its effective communication tool. I did not know that there were two different categories for newsletters. The first one is internal which is directed to employees. So you can have more fun with this. The second one is external and the book says that is directed at customers, clients, government, supplies, retailers, and the general public.

Further in the chapter it talks about the writing aspect once again and that you write you always need to think public relations no matter what you write.

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