Chapter 10-CAT

Newsletter 4/29

Newsletter 4/29 (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

This chapter taught me all about feature and newsletter writing. To start off I learned that when you write a feature story the topics that you can write on could be personal stories, backgrounders, product in use to research results. Feature stories aren’t he once that will get the front page on a newspaper because feature stories are considered to be soft stories they aren’t considered as the most out there news as you would say.

Since it’s not your front page news but yet still very important news, you can take time and put lots of detail in your writing to have a great future story. The way I understood it, feature writing is the news what will get read. Because of the topics that they are on and how important they are to our audience.

In this chapter it talks about the difference in writing styles between feature and newsletter writing. When you write a feature story I figured that it would be a more wide range of what you write you just got to make sure you grab the audience attention and their interest. Newsletter writing is a little bit different, it’s more structured. It talked about the five w’s and the how. Even though this is how newsletters are written most of the time you can also write to the purpose of your publication. It can be different.

The most favorite thing about newsletter writing to me was that it’s adaptable to multiple audiences and its effective communication tool. I did not know that there were two different categories for newsletters. The first one is internal which is directed to employees. So you can have more fun with this. The second one is external and the book says that is directed at customers, clients, government, supplies, retailers, and the general public.

Further in the chapter it talks about the writing aspect once again and that you write you always need to think public relations no matter what you write.

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