CAT-Chapter 3&4

In chapter 3 I have learned almost everything you need to know about Ethical Influences on Public Relations. At the begging of the chapter it was talking about theories of ethical action and that got me thinking. When I’m going to be working any decisions that will have to be made will engage ethical decisions.

Also a good point was brought up about trust and how important it is to have it, because everything is built off trust. Think about it, when you work for a company you have relationships with your co-worker and that’s built off trust.

In the following chapter it is talking about culture and the important role that it plays in Public Relations. If you think about it, culture really does play a big role. There are so many different cultures that just live in the US alone.

If I want to become a successful and an effective professional I will have to be able to write to many different public and understand their cultures.

We as professionals need to be able to adapt and deal with the rapid change in diverse publics and their cultures. I feel that when those professionals are able to do this will have an advantage and will connect with their audience better

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