A new way to present your powerpoint

What would you think if you were the one that was sitting in a class, work, or a meeting for an hour listening and looking at power points, and all you see is bullet points combined with a whole lot of text?

I know that I am not the only one that would agree to say that it is the most unappealing and boring way to try to get through to someone. First of all, you just get lost in all the text and it gets hard to follow. Second of all, you just stop paying attention all together.

 For the longest time we have been taught how to make a great power point by putting few words on the slides so they aren’t so crowded. Look where we are now! No one wants to listen or look at those kinds of power points.

This article that I came about talks about how power point was before, and the new way it is being used now. We knew before that putting pictures on your power point was appealing to the eye and to your audience. As for me, I did know that having mostly pictures and not as much text was the new way to interact throughout the power point to your audience.  This article is definitely worth a read. It’s called “Jeff Bezos And The End of PowerPoint As We Know It.” It is worth to take a few minutes and read over the article. It gave a interesting look at a new way making your power point.


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