CAT-ch 5

In chapter 5 I learned about research influences on Public Relations. The first example that was given in the book describes research perfectly to my understanding. It was talking about when we search for a college what we go through before actually deciding. We go there to visit, eat their food, sit in on a lecture, determine the distance of the school from home, and what majors or other educational benefits they may offer. Once this research is combined, it is relatively simple to determine the right school to attend that will fill your needs.

This applies when you have your career because if I want to be the best professionals I can be I also have to be the best at researching about anything that’s required of me.  I think that the tips for database and web site searches can be very helpful and a useful asset to us. It will save me a lot of time in the future.

Talking about he world-wide web as much of a helpful tool it is for everyone a good point was made that we should be careful and defiantly over look on the information that’s given. A good example of this would be Wikipedia. That web site is great when I’m trying to understand something but I never think that people can go in and edit that information so there for it’s no longer credible. Our book gives some great ways you can evaluate web sites, I think it would definitely help out a lot.

One of the most important searches you will perform will most likely be about your organization. I think it’s really true; at least it seems like it to me. For example, if you want to be successful toward your career, you will need to understand the functioning or operation of the organization as this will allow you to adapt and be a key employee for its success.

Not only will the research of how the company you are working for operates be essential, but also another important topic to research is about our publics or audience.  With out knowing anything about my audience, one cannot be successful. It’s that simple. The key way to stay connected is by finding out what’s around you, that’s why they have created al of these database searches so we can be successful.

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