Ignoring Complains…

In class we always mention how important it is to build relationships with your clients and audience. You don’t ever want to break that connection or bond by a silly mistake of possibly ignoring them.
When a customer makes a complaint, what would you do? Do you ignore them or respond to whatever complaint they have made? Responding to the situation by making the customer feel satisfied and not ignored would be the best option and make the most sense. You will not believe the statistic that I found in this article talking about ignoring social media complaints.
Four out of five complaints made by customers are being ignored. What? Is this really happening? Believe it or not, the fact that at least 80% of complaints made by customers are being disregarded as unimportant to address! How could such businesses that rely on these customers for financial income ignore this important part of their functioning?

Complaining about offline service, online

Complaining about offline service, online (Photo credit: davefleet)

I know that it’s not the best feeling to hear customers complain over social media about your service or product, but us, as professionals, need to address these issues in a professional manner, rather than personal. Not everyone is perfect. In order to be successful in whichever career you choose, you must take responsibility in resolving the issue. No response to complaints, especially where it’s visible, is the worst way to build your relationships or connections. This article has some great statistics that you should check out and just think about it. Next time you see complaint; think twice of what this issues means and how you should take care of the customer in a professional manner.


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