CAT ch 8

Couple things to take away from chapter 8 were the basic things I will need to know as a professional going into my career and the basics of a business media.

As a professional I will need to be good at what I do that means I will have to be on top of my game. It will start out with having a good plan and control over things. I have never realized how much planning a person really needs to do what needs to be done. I will have to plan right starting with my audience. Knowing the purpose and selecting the audience right will be the begging to success.

I know that I won’t be able to be reaching the variety of audience that I would like. I have learned that I would have to think really hard at what public I should aim at. Perhaps which one would be the most valuable to the organization.

Aside from my planning, an interesting thing I learned about media control is that there are two kinds of it. The first one is controlled media where the professional can control the importance of their message. The second one is uncontrolled media. This is self explanatory you have no control as soon as media gets a hold of it you lose the control.

Another thing I learned is that when I get my first job as an entry-level public relations writer I will have to learn the appropriate writing style that is required by my organization. That means that I will have to less exciting things. I have heard it over and over from other people that when you get your job that’s what you will have to go through but it just never clicked. So maybe before I get my first job I will have to do a little bit research and maybe just maybe I won’t have to do the less exciting material.

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