CAT ch 9

Throughout chapter 8 we have learned the importance of having good planning and planning for the right thing. Well

Time Management

Time Management (Photo credit: Intersection Consulting)

with in planning you must have good time management so you get all your tasks complete. I know that when I start my career I will need to have a plan and time management to get my deadlines met. Part of chapter 9 information was on deadlines.

When you think of deadlines you think of deadlines that need to be met for your tasks. But if you think about it, this is not the way public relations world runs. There are deadlines with in deadlines. Just because I have a deadline I need to meet I might be forgetting about other important deadlines. If I want to have something published for my company I may have already missed the deadline for the media. Media have their own deadlines which should become mine as well, if I want something published.

Honestly from the begging of my career to the end I will most likely deal with the media more than once. To make things easier for everyone I will have to have a good relationship with them. Being on good terms with the media might be the closest I will get to control my message.

Other useful information in this chapter was talking about news writing for the press. I have no idea how many things you should look into when you’re writing for the press.  The first one is content which is basically what is considered news to the press. Second is structure you have to make sure the writing part is done right by having an attention-getting, having the right lead. Style is another one. When you write for the press make sure you write it is media style so it will most likely be published and this way media will see that you know what you’re doing. Last but not least is your formatting. Does it look good? Things like contact information, spacing, page number and such.

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