CAT ch 6


© is the copyright symbol in a copyright notice

© is the copyright symbol in a copyright notice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


In chapter 6 I have learned a lot of information on legal influences on Public Relations writing. Before entering the PR work I might want to know one of two things on the legal influences, so I won’t get into trouble.


We have touched upon this topic plenty of times in other PR courses. This is just refreshment so no one will forget. How embarrassing would it be to possibly get fired because you weren’t clear on a copyright law?


A few thinks that I took away from the chapter: is that when I get into this field restriction and limits change over time and it’s my responsibility to stay on track. This chapter taught me to double-check my work before accidently crossing the line and then being too late and possibly losing my job. Having a lawyer working with you or your company is a great idea, it could be very helpful but you got to make sure that you stick to the same story when it comes down to any legal issues.


I always knew that writing is really important in this field but I never knew that not writing properly could possible cause legal implications. It seems as that a lot of issues that go on in PR have to deal with the ownership rights, which would make sense because it falls into copyright, trademarks and more. On page 131 I found the symbols of the key commands to be very helpful if you don’t know what they mean. It was interesting to see what stands for what.


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