Hoping for 12 in 2012

St. Louis Busch Stadium

St. Louis Busch Stadium (Photo credit: WildChild1976)

As we all may already know, the Cardinals have made the playoffs and haven’t made the best 1st game but we also know is that they play great under pressure. They know what’s important. When it comes down to us loosing the last game of season and being done for the year or winning that last game and going to playoffs they make that win and we go on. We have seen this last year and other years as well. We hope to see year go well for the new coach and of course our Cardinals go 12 in 12.

The first game of playoffs didn’t quite go as the Cardinals have hoped. We had everything going for us, all the players were ready to go but yet what happened? Was it Yodi Molina when he hit an easy ground ball double which could have put Cardinals in the lead? Or was it Jaime Garcia who gave up runs. We can’t really blame one of the other. This is the ways baseball works, it’s really unpredictable. If you have missed the game on Sunday I have a couple videos that are pretty good. If you want to read a little bit more about the 1st game I would suggest you read the article that I found, it was definitely worth the read.

Gulf Coast League Cardinals

Gulf Coast League Cardinals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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