CAT Chapter 15 Persuasion for Individual Action


An example of direct mail used by political ca...

An example of direct mail used by political campaigns, from the U.S. Presidential campaign of 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This chapter has taught me a lot about direct mail and brochures. I have never really noticed how important of a role direct mail plays in public relations. I learned that direct mail is not only done by e-mail (which is what I thought) but it’s also done by sending actually letters or any other communication that can be mass produced.


A good point was brought up to my attention. Direct mail can reach anyone in the whole world. When I send out direct mail it goes out


in a mass messages. This is a huge advantage because I will be able to reach multiple people. One thing I will always have to keep in


mind when I write is that your audience only has so much attention and time when reading any sort of information. I will have to grab the attention in the first paragraph. Not only do I want to grab their attention but if they do decide to keep reading you want to make it semi short depending on what your writing.


On page 404 in the ethical issue section it provided me with great guidelines for ethical practice of public relations. I think it was really helpful for me and it can be for others as well, we need to be aware of them.


Another page that I found really helpful to me was page 412 and it talked about brochures. Before reading this chapter I was clueless on this topic. I have never one a brochure before so it was really interesting learning about it. I found page 412 it almost gave me some sort of guidelines as to what needs to be put in the brochures. Brochures and public relations definitely go hand in hand.


brochure_delft_03 (Photo credit: nilsmengedoht)


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