CAT ch 11 Let’s Hear It Writing for Broadcast, Script, and Speeches

Chapter 11 talked about broadcast, scriptwriting and speechrooms. Come to find out that broadcasting is a very small part of public relations responsibility. A great way to save time when you are required to write a broadcast is to not write one. Instead of writing a separate piece of work just uses the news release. This way you kill two birds with one stone. There are positives for having a message be boadcast. Lets say you need some action to make a point, it would be good choice to use broadcast.


Another thing that was talked about in the chapter was scriptwriting. Scriptwriting has changed a lot since moms and dads have been out of college. Now scriptwriting is works on flip charts, 35-mm slides, overhead transparencies and much more. I never knew that public relations do that job.


From going over this chapter I think it would be really helpful to others.  Also when a public relations professional adapts to many different methods it is not only going to benefit you but also the organization.


I think that this chapter really helped me out and it can help many people out that maybe done know much about these subjects. For every one of the different writing it goes into deeper detail of what all needs to be done to make it good.



Screenwriting (Photo credit: BLundin)


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