Ch 12 When the news isn’t good

Thumbs down red

Thumbs down red (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This chapter had a lot of really interesting information on crisis. When a crisis happens there is nothing we can do but respond to it in an appropriate manner. Couple things to consider are the audience, timing and content. If and when a crisis happens we need to be on top of it. Not just public relations professionals but the entire company.


Since we never know when a crisis may happen, our books gives 5 really helpful stages. The first stage is detection, this is when you are always on the lookout, and you are the eyes and the ears of the company. Second stage is preparation, what will you do in a crisis situation, you prepare yourself. Third stage is containment if you get out there and tell about the crisis before anyone else you will be better in a long run. Another stage if recovery you’re turning back to the way things used to be. Last but not least is learning and evaluating, learn from your mistakes and do research it always come to good use.


The writing strategies are really important, especially when it comes to writing strategies for crisis communication. Establishing a clear position you are in the fore front but not telling all the information. Being honest, that’s a given. Be concise whoever is the face of the company needs to be trained to they will answer in a proper manner such as concise answers.  Look forward focus on the solution. Do not assign blame legal department will be a real good help. Take advantage of your employer’s good reputation. If you company has always done really well then it has a good chance that it will help them but the company still needs to respond to the crisis.


Sad face

Sad face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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