Need a job…

Graduation Happiness

Graduation Happiness (Photo credit: jameskm03)

What’s one of the biggest worries that a graduate student has after graduating from college? Well aside from having to pay your student loans out the wazoo, it’s trying to find a job. A job! In this economy it seems close to impossible. I know that when I think about having to graduate soon, I am having fears to do so. I don’t want to get out of college and have to worry of how to pay off my student loans because I can’t find a job.

1 in 2 new college graduates don’t have a job after graduating college. Does that scare anyone? It does me. If you have the same fear I would highly consider of going anywhere you can get a job after college. I found this article that I think will be helpful when you start searching for your job after graduation.

In this article it gives you 5 cities that would love to hire young people who just graduated college. Seattle, Houston, Minneapolis, Washington DC, and Boston are the 5 cities. In each city they give a little bit of a description of what they are looking for and how much annual wage growth each city has.


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