CAT ch 13 The Multipurpose Medium

Chapter 13 taught me all about writing for the media. A lot of the writing these days are more digital than anything else so it’s really important to know what you’re doing. At the begging of the chapter it talks about why public relations professionals use internet. It gives us 3 reasons: for communicating with their organization’s public’s  for research and for their own personal and professional development.  When I read that I didn’t


World wide web

World wide web (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


think that was enough, it feels like there should be so much more to it.


Some of the other helpful information came from limitations writing for the web. It talked about how you can’t take anything back after you have already put it out there. You can’t forget about all the audience. When you put your information out on the web you now have a global audience so we all need to make sure everyone is included. It’s very important to link to credible sources.


Web writing is different than a print document. When you print something it’s usually longer but that’s not the case for web writing. The length of your document is smaller and catchier. You want to make sure it’s quickly to read, efficient, easily to navigate and not cluttered.


One last thing that was interesting to me was towards the end of the chapter talking about PR objectives. You want to put your newsletters online and news releases. Using distribution services.


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