Ch 14 CAT Persuasion for Mass Action

The overall message of this chapter is advocacy. It’s the foundation of what Public Relations is all about. I will go over a couple important topics in this chapter.


Maslow’s hierarchy is talking about the human needs. It is a pyramid of five levels. There is the need for self-actualization, the need for self-esteem, status, respect, the need for love companionship, the need for safety, security, and physiological needs. It’s all about truly knowing your audience. Knowing if you have active or passive audience is really important.


Emotion appeal is another important aspect of this chapter. It is used a lot in everyday life and corporation use it a lot with their audience, not just corporations but small companies more so. It’s a big part of the message. Power of words goes along with emotional appeal because it would have a bigger effect if you know how to put the two and two together. Especially if you target it right with your audience.


Some of the ways that the message goes out to target audience is by PSA which is public service announcements. We hear these every day more than once. I have no idea that PSA is just a short ad.  These are just a few things from the chapter that stood out, I know that persuasion is really big in PR and you need to know what you’re doing.


English: A colorful depiction of Maslow's Hier...

English: A colorful depiction of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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