Th!nk Tank

On Friday Nov. 9 PRSSA Chapter got a chance to go on a boutique firm tour. Think Tank is a place to go. Trish the founder of Think Tank and Kevin her right hand man gave lots of great and helpful advice. Kevin said “drive yourself and push yourself” that’s what you need to be successful.

What they do at Think Tank can either improve or ruin a company that’s a really big responsibility and it’s not always the good stuff. It’s really important to work hard at everything, have thick skin and never give up. It goes from having really great days to not so great days. For example one day you could turn a client to a “rock star” and the next day you could get complains all day from your clients. You can only imagine the atmosphere that they have.

The atmosphere of the place when you walk in to the boutique was fun, outgoing, it’s like a little house. Feels like home and family environment. Trish said it’s like a bus; you must have the right people on the bus. That bus makes up the family environment that they have. So if you want to be on the bus what do we need to do?

Trish does have interns every semester.  Some of the things that she looks in interns are for them to be different, standing out from everyone else. Things like volunteering work. Get involved in none profit. Find something you’re passionate about and that’s also how you get your connections too.

The interns at Think Tank work a lot on social media. You have to be self motivated and offer some inventive ideas. They have you work with the real work stuff and you act as an employee, part of a team.

If you have the time I would check out the website and learn more.


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