Sports Panel

Gateway Grizzlies

Gateway Grizzlies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: St. Louis Cardinals Cap Insignia

English: St. Louis Cardinals Cap Insignia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Public Relations Student Society of America hosted a winter warm-up for members interested in learning more about the competitive world of Sports PR.


Public relations professionals from the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Rams and Gateway Grizzlies gave PRSSA members a home-field advantage on Wednesday, Nov. 28 as they shared industry tips and advice on everything from internships to networking.


The sports panel was a chance for students who are passionate about sports PR to ask questions concerning the field or anything pertaining to the public relations industry or job market in general.


Professionals had a lot of great advice for all of us. The main thing that students left with was to have lots of different experience under your belt. Adam with the Gateway Grizzlies, Ron with the St Louis Cardinals and Sarah with the Rams all have said that having internship is very super important to have and also will give you a huge advantage. Most of the people who have internships have full times jobs after the internships that they do. They have also stressed on getting connection and that what we were doing there that night was crucial for us because we had opportunities open for us. Work hard and never give up.

St. Louis Rams logo

St. Louis Rams logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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