Not needed healthy habits…

egg and milk choices

Ever since we were little bitty kids our parents would always tell us the good and the bad habits to have. I know when I was growing up my great grandma who raised me never told me what I should and shouldn’t do. I think that her look on things was that I should be on my own and know what I should be doing.

It’s really important for us to establish healthy habits when we are kids because that it’s in our nature to follow them after you have been doing them for so long. Some of the habits that most people hear are: don’t eat before 8pm, brush your teeth twice a day, throw away milk after the expiration date. What if I tell you that these aren’t necessary health habits?

There is an article on yahoo that I found that gives you 8 health habits that you do not need to follow. I encourage you to look at it because it gives you some other once that you might think are a necessity to do every day or every year. To be honest on some of the once I read I couldn’t believe, so it’s worth the time looking at it.


18.Toothbrush (Photo credit: iwishmynamewasmarsha)