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Did you know that Starbuckshas a secret sized drink? I have been a fan of Starbucks coffee for quite a while now. Never have I known of their secret sized drink. Maybe the reason why they don’t put it on their menu is because it supposedly supposed to be a kids size.  My coffee addiction has started about four months ago.

The reason for this addiction on the first place was because I had a long night of studying ahead of me and I wanted to try something new aside from energy drinks to keep me awake. I really just needed some energy to keep going so I decided to go to Starbucks and try out some coffee. Ever since my long nights of studying I have been drinking coffee pretty regularly.

Now that I know of Starbucks little secret I will be getting a different size drink, after all Starbucks is supper expensive. As for me I am a poor college student and I cannot afford Starbucks every day. I’m pretty sure on average I spend about $30 a week on coffee there. It might not sound much but if you add it up it gets to be really expensive, it’s just so convenient to get Starbucks because it’s quick and close by.


Your St Louis Blues!

St. Louis Blues Game

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Blues hockey team is my favorite hockey team. I have been a fan of the St Louis Blues ever since I have gone to my first game. Hockey has been my favorite sport my entire life, I was grown up in a country where it is our national sport. I am not going to lie I have never been so into hockey until now. This team has not only been on top of their game but they have gotten a new coach and been working their butts off to be where they are today.

Divisions Standings for the Western Conference will show you how well the team has been doing.  St Louis Blues take the second place in our conference at this moment. I cannot tell you how excited I am for my home team to be doing so well.

Over the past few years I believe that the team has had some struggles but who does not.  St Louis Blues have a great opportunity right in front of them this year and I believe that they are going to do everything in their power to go into playoffs this year!

Let me tell you St Louis Blues are defiantly not the Rams, I’m hoping it will be more like the St Louis Cardinals and we will win our first Stanley Cup!


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The St Louis Cardinals-Sarah Raab

I am so glad that there is another die-hard fan like you in the class Sarah! I can’t agree more with you about the whole situation with Albert, I am beyond disappointment by now. Wish the best of luck to Albert with his new team. St Louis Cardinals have done it again, and won the World Series. Can not wait for the season to start and see them win again!

January 24th,2012

Comment 2

PRSSA: Can It Help You Reach Your Professional Goals?-Stacey Howard

In class on Wednesday we had a great opportunity listening to some of the great things PRSSA has been doing. I am so excited to join and engage in this club.  Hopefully I will be able to get involved and get as much as I can out of it. This is a great opportunity for students to get involved and participate  on school campus. I know that some people may take an advantage just so they can put it on their resume but for me its more than that its to have open opportunities.

January 31st, 2012

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Up, Up and Away-Prestigious Life

I cannot explain to you how much I envy you for getting the opportunity to travel that much! My life dream is to be able to go to all of the states in the U.S and see what all is out there. I myself have moved here from another country and let me tell you I know the feeling that you get of getting to travel and experience new things. I will also have to agree with you about flying, when I was on my way to U.S and got to fly for the first time; let’s just say I didn’t want to get off the plane. I hope that you will get to be able to see the rest of the states that you haven’t yet been to.

February 7th, 2012

Comment 4

A Hallmark Holiday-Prestigious Life

Valentines day for me when I was single was all about me being with my singles girls go out and have a date night. This has changed a whole lot when I got a boyfriend. I know for a fact if I was single on this holiday I would totally be bashing on it as well. You say that its pointless but I feel like it’s just another way of people have a day set aside to where they can spend time together, because people have busy lives and sometimes they forget to have some time set aside  with a significant other not on I totally agree with you that you should show your love and affection all the time to each other but this way there is a day set aside for it. So maybe if you weren’t single do you think you would feel the same way about this holiday?

February 14th, 2012

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Louisiana-Sarah Raab

It sounds like you had quite the experience in Louisiana this past week. I personally cannot say that I ever travelled anywhere for Mardi Gras, I honestly haven’t even gone to St Louis for Mardi Gras. It’s too much for me and especially when I’m not a drinker at all it’s a little bit too crazy down there. I got to say that the whole alligator experience that you go to do sounds pretty awesome but like you said I bet it was really scary at the same time. Maybe sometime one year I will get the opportunity to go somewhere for Mardi Gras but I can’t say that I will be going alligator hunting.

February 21st, 2012

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Grand Theft Auto…sort of-Prestigious Life

I can’t and can believe this at the same time. My mom Hey Mr. DJ… always tell me not to leave things that are worth something in my car do I listen to her?  Honestly no not really. Well now I know from your experience that no matter what it’s a good idea not to leave your goods in your car. I am sorry you probably had to go through a lot of inconveniences to get all of the things you needed. All luck to you!

February 28th, 2012

Comment 7


I think it’s a great choice to go with a DJ for you reception. I only have been to one wedding (I know lame). It was a pretty fun wedding but they didn’t have neither of the two choices you have. Since you get to make a play list and all I think DJ will turn out to be a success. Some of the fun songs I think would be fun to dance to could be, the cha cha slide or the YMCA something goofy like that.

March 13th, 2012

Comment 8

Do The “Twist”-abiern

I myself have never been to PCB on my spring break either but I always hear about it and how crazy fun it is. I never really thought much about how all if this has started but reading your blog it made me really curious. I watched the video you had and it was really funny. I could not believe how long this has started. I definitely have to try the twist myself.

Comment 9

Internships-Prestigious Life

A lot of people I know always talk about internships and how they are so much fun. I honestly never really heard much about them. I know now of what they are and how crucial they may be when I graduate. I’m happy to see that you are enjoying your internship and have had a great experience with them you even got paid. One of the hardest things would defiantly finding one that is a paid one just because it’s so hard for college students do them for free. Thank you so much for the advice of getting an internship maybe this time next year I’ll have one as well.

April 3rd, 2012

Comment 10

Soccer-Sarah Raab

I can’t tell you how jealous I am of you getting to play soccer.  I have always wanted to play soccer so bad and tried to play in high school but things didn’t work out. You made the right decision to play. Now you get to play and have fun with having a great shape.