CAT Ch 16 High-Profile Projects

English: Annual reports of the , Singapore.

English: Annual reports of the , Singapore. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems as Public Relations professionals have a whole lot of work on their hands. Aside from having to do a lot of wiring as a PR professionals they also work on some big important projects that require a lot of work and time.

This chapter talks about 3 most common projects they are annual reports, special events, exhibition or convention.

An annual report is a really big deal not only does it take time to do it but it means a lot to both nonprofits as well as public companies. It can give companies a lot of credibility. There is 3 ways that annual report can be used as: annual report as financial document which is the most important, annual report as public relations document, and last but not least annual report as social responsibility. Different companies might make their annual reports look different from the others. Some might use graphics and maybe some advertising as some might not. So be sure to know what your company wants you to do so you do it right.

Another most common project is a special event.  When you right for a special event your message needs to cover a variety of audience. Just like when you do any other type of writing you want to cover a big range of people.

Last most common project is exhibition or a convention. In this particular project I have learned that an original role of a PR professional is changed. To be able to meet the deadlines of your new project you must have a plan in detail.

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